3 Card New Moon

Card 1 – How can I love myself more? 

    Card 2 – How can I bring more comfort to my life?

    Card 3 – What boundaries do I need to create or enforce?

    Look closer at each card and ask yourself what it represents:

    Some possibilities are:

    • A person in your life
    • A situation
    • Your emotions / feelings
    • Your thoughts
    • You and the way you are approaching things
    • A new way of seeing things
    • A possible solution

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    Major Arcana

    Random Computer Generated Cards for Your Spread:
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    X – The Wheel of Fortune

    Drive: Eternal motion, changing, restarting, accepting of fate

    Light: Unexpected changings, fortune, realization of luck

    Shadow: Fatalism, a changing to the worse

    Keywords: Jupiter; new beginnings, expansion, creativity, big breakthrough; self-realization; unexpected luck, growth

    Nine of Cups – Happiness

    Drive: Love, optimism, trust

    Light: Luck, compassion

    Shadow: Self-complacency, self-indulgence, vanity

    Keywords: Jupiter in Pisces, happiness, passionate love, deep joy, blessing

    XVII – The Star

    Drive: The guiding light, living the moment, confidence in nature and life

    Light: Creative hopes, optimism, trust

    Shadow: Destructive hopes, illusions

    Keywords: Aquarius, stimulation, crystallization, self-knowledge, radiance, clairvoyance, self-confidence, relation to universal intelligence

    Ten of Cups – Satiety

    Drive: Seeking for inner competition and fulfilment, kindness, generosity

    Light: Optimism, self-consciousness, love combining all the elements of spirit and body

    Shadow: Sentimentality, inner emptiness, debauchery, wantonness, waste

    Keywords: Mars in Pisces, satisfaction, fulfillment, radiation, gratitude

    Eight of Swords – Interference

    Drive: Restlessness of mind, endless analyzing

    Light: Realization of causality, accepting of limitation and relativity

    Shadow: Confusion, aimless pondering, compulsive brooding

    Keywords: Jupiter in Gemini, problems with endurance, suffering from tearing, decision making difficulties

    XIV – The Art

    Drive:  Dissolve and combine

    Light: Balance and harmony, fulfillment, creation, peace

    Shadow: Getting into extremes, splitting up and tearing apart

    Keywords: Sagittarius, reconciliation of contradictions, balance, inner change, transformation, alchemy, creative power, quality change

    Nine of Disks – Gain

    Drive: Wealth, well-being

    Light: Material happiness, gain, riches

    Shadow: Greed for more, materialistic thinking, dissipation, abuse, exploitation

    Keywords: Venus in Virgo, Growth, Growth, Profit, Cuff of Love, Wisdom, Creativity, The More I Give The More I Get

    Ten of Disks – Wealth

    Drive: Wealth, security

    Light: Completion of success, material security, well-being

    Shadow: Greed, laziness, poverty of feelings, dullness of mind

    Keywords: Mercury in Virgo, inner and outer riches, visibility of inner wealth and ability to share it with others

    XXI – The Universe

    Drive: Entirety and competition, harmony between spirit and body

    Light: Being home in one’s self, inner independence, the ‘mental paradise’

    Shadow: False visions, being on a street to nowhere

    Keywords: Saturn, completion, cosmic union, liberation from bondage, closure of karma

    Five of Disks – Worry

    Drive: Material crisis, worry about material things or health

    Light: Reconsidering of values, managing to get along in hard times

    Shadow: Fear, loss, failure, destruction, hindering, unpredictable changes to the bad, worsening circumstances

    Keywords: Mercury in Taurus, trouble, pondering, pessimism, problematic communication, fear of existence

    Card 1 – How can I love myself more?

      Two of Swords – Peace

      Drive: Peace, arrangement of differences, a good compromise between soul and mind

      Light: Beginning of analysis, balanced force, contradictory characteristics in the same nature

      Shadow: Difference, disagreement, opposites calmed down by cold logic only, unsolved tensions

      Keywords: Moon in Libra, inner peace, decision-making, decisions on relationships or situations that result in peace.

      Six of Cups – Pleasure

      Drive: close, deep emotions,

      Light: Balance and harmony through the return to the inner sources

      Shadow: Mental standstill, being afraid to move to not lose the current values

      Keywords: Sun in Scorpio, desire, enjoyment, pleasure in sexual relationships, rich in sexual and love-energy-giving, emotional renewal, sensuality

      Seven of Cups – Debauch

      Drive: Delusion, desire, ecstasy, neutralized victory, illusionary success, lying error, promises unfilled, drunkeness, violence, selfish dissipation, deception in love and friendship, success often gained but not followed up.

      Light: Realization of false promises and hapless hopes, sobering

      Shadow: Drunkeness of mind, getting lost in illusions, wrath, vanity

      Keywords: Venus in Scorpio, high activity, annoyance, disgust

      V – The Hierophant

      Drive: Search for hidden truths, trust in inner instincts

      Light: Wisdom and knowledge as an experience independent from dogmatism and science

      Shadow: Intolerance, esoteric nonsense

      Keywords: Taurus, Spiritual Leader, Teacher, Counselor, Initiate, Inner Leader, Supreme Transformation, Spiritual Father


      Drive: Creativity, the will to begin, striving towards a goal

      Light: Accomplishment, confidence, harmony of powers, pride, nobility

      Shadow: Moodiness, overestimation of one’s self, conceit, rudeness, insolence, obstinacy, treachery pride, nobility

      Keywords: Aries Day, Virtue, Integrity, Straightness, Honesty, Self-Confidence, Restart

      Eight of Cups – Indolence

      Drive: Temporary success, but without further result, things thrown aside as soon as gained, nothing of lasting value, journey from place to place, searching for riches

      Light: Transformation

      Shadow: Depression, suicidal, whining, instability

      Keywords: Saturn in Pisces, restraint, restraint, uncertainty, emotional inhibition, laziness, swamp, need for clear distinctions

      IX – The Hermit

      Drive: Retiring from life, retreat from the masses, looking into one’s self, introversion

      Light: Wisdom, realization, mental maturity, the inner light

      Shadow: Numbness, loneliness, bitterness

      Keywords: Virgo, finding our own inner light, moving inward, fertility, perfection, finishing, harvesting, being at peace in our inner center, wise leader

      Princess of Swords

      Drive: Impulsive, curious,

      Light: Careful, courageous, serious

      Shadow: Malicious, cruel, spiteful, wasteful, failure to recognize facts, aggression, destruction

      Keywords: earthly aspect of the air, bringing clouds to light, victory over your mood, rebellion

      Ace of Wands

      Drive: The wish to create

      Light: sudden illumination, enthusiasm, inspiration, creativity, spiritual hunger, vigor, energy

      Keywords: fire, high or strong energy, transformation

      Prince of Disks

      Drive: Solidity, increased material, growth

      Light: Unwavering, industrious, enduring, reliable, practcal, reasonable, careful

      Shadow: Stubbornness, corruption, avarice, phlegma, dullness, coldness

      Keywords: Earth’s Airy Aspect, Structure, High Energy in Material Matter, Unshakable, Caution, Meditation, Physical Activity, Steadiness

      Card 2 – How can I bring more comfort to my life?

        Two of Cups – Love

        Drive: Love, unity in difference

        Light: Harmony, pleasure, mirth, love, friendship, passion

        Shadow: Dissipation, waste, silliness, subtlety

        Keywords: Venus in Cancer, inclusive love, happy relationship, mutual emotions

        XVI – The Tower

        Drive: Breaking up structures, destroying the old, getting rid of obsolete loads

        Light: Sudden realization of the truth, the will to change old ways, to recreate life and start something new

        Shadow: Blind destruction

        Keywords: Mars, profound transformation, healing, old destroys to make room for new, spiritual renewal, self-knowledge

        VI – The Lovers

        Drive: Devotion, melting into one another, being one with it, love

        Light: Full-hearted confession, trust, optimism

        Shadow: Displacement, repression, giving up on one’s self

        Keywords: Gemini, love, attraction, rapprochement, relationship, relationship, dissolution of contradictions in love, becoming conscious through human relationships

        Ten of Swords – Ruin

        Drive: Transformation

        Light: Rebirth, realization, the end of a cycle, wisdom through pain and loss

        Shadow: Ruin, loss, destruction, separation, pain, catastrophe

        Keywords: Sun and Moon in Gemini, fear of insanity, broken heart, fear of the destructive energy of accumulated anger, negative thinking

        Nine of Swords – Cruelty

        Drive: Going into the depths of a subject, with all consequences

        Light: Facing up facts, realizing truth

        Shadow: Cruelty, pain, despair, lack of pity

        Keywords: Mars in Gemini, cruelty towards yourself and others, self-accusation, self-punishment, self-torture, heartless passion, bigotry, revenge, martyrdom

        Princess of Cups

        Drive: The exploring of the inner worlds

        Light: Intuition, sensibility, tenderness, fantasy, dreamy imagination

        Shadow: Faking, abuse of feelings, selfish, luxurious, deviation, a flatterer

        Keywords: earthly aspect of water, emotional freedom, overcoming jealousy, self-confidence

        Queen of Wands

        Drive: Motion and transformation

        Light: Independence, honor, spiritual visons, passion, adaptability

        Shadow: Intolerance, despotism, jealousy, reckless passion

        Keywords: water aspect of fire, self-knowledge, change, sympathy

        Three of Swords – Sorrow

        Drive: Melancholy, facing up a painful truth

        Light: Understanding, sobering, losing beautiful but false illusions

        Shadow: Disappointment, pain, sadness, separation, sorrows

        Keywords: Saturn in Libra, annoyances, doubts, lack of light, lethargy, jealousy, depression, tripartite obsession, troubles, uncertainty, anxiety

        Two of Swords – Peace

        Drive: Peace, arrangement of differences, a good compromise between soul and mind

        Light: Beginning of analysis, balanced force, contradictory characteristics in the same nature

        Shadow: Difference, disagreement, opposites calmed down by cold logic only, unsolved tensions

        Keywords: Moon in Libra, inner peace, decision-making, decisions on relationships or situations that result in peace.

        Knight of Cups

        Drive: Self-sacrifice, self-redemption, grace, poetry

        Light: Compassion, solicitousness, sensibility

        Shadow: Seducability, vanity, unsteadiness, sentimental obtrusiveness, artificial, untruthfulness

        Keywords: fiery aspect of water, surrender to loved one, ability to give, reaching higher emotional levels, spiritual relationships, family of choice

        Card 3 – What boundaries do I need to create or enforce?