Prince of Disks

THE KNIGHT OF DISKS – (Prince of Coins / Pentacles) – Jupiter – Taurus – Reliability
Astrology: 21° Aries to 20° Taurus
Element: The Air above the Earth

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Prince of Disks

Full Card

Drive: Solidity, increased material, growth

Light: Unwavering, industrious, enduring, reliable, practcal, reasonable, careful

Shadow: Stubbornness, corruption, avarice, phlegma, dullness, coldness

Keywords: Earth’s Airy Aspect, Structure, High Energy in Material Matter, Unshakable, Caution, Meditation, Physical Activity, Steadiness

Advice: It’s time for action, as you do so, you will gain important experience.

Questions: What activities do you enjoy? What activities can help your self-realization?

Suggestion: Find a creative physical activity in which you will find joy and fulfillment.

Revelation: I find a job that I can accomplish myself and that satisfies me.


Affirmation: I now locate my goals and work towards them with great energy.