Prince of Disks

THE KNIGHT OF DISKS – (Prince of Coins / Pentacles) – Jupiter – Taurus – Reliability
Astrology: 21° Aries to 20° Taurus
Element: The Air above the Earth

About :

Prince of Disks

The Prince of Disks represents the Air in the element of Earth, he is stable and industrious and also thoughtful and inventive when it comes to improve matters.

Nevertheless, the Earth puts the brakes on the Air, therefore the Prince of Disks is slow in following and developing his plans and ideas, yet he is steady and unwavering and once on his path, he is going forward towards his goal.

The Prince of Disks can seem a bit cold in his emotions sometimes, yet he values his comfort and beauty. He is patient and tolerant, but once in rage, he hardly forgives.

On the shadow site, the Prince of Disks can get stubborn and ignorant, overly piqued on anything not belonging to his related surrounding, and phlegmatic up to total stagnation.

The Prince of Disks has an unfailing determination to reach his goals, achieve his ambitions and create a world he is comfortable to live in. He has an interesting way of doing this – he takes every task a stage at a time. Whilst keeping the end aim in mind, he diligently attends to the task in hand, completing it satisfactorily and then moving on smoothly to the next logical stage.

This method of working has numerous advantages – there’s the satisfaction of completing something – even though you might still be aware that this particular piece of work is just one step in the journey.

Another plus is that work unfolds in a productive stream – each process deriving from the last. This often allows you to pick up on any detail you may have overlooked or missed.

Also there is a consistent sense of progress – a feeling that you are drawing closer to your goals. Every single achievement is composed of many small acts which add together to create the whole.

The Prince of Disks is a fertile and abundant card – it signifies the planting of seeds which will grow into great big trees. The tree would not exist without the seed which was planted in the very first place.

Drive: Solidity, increased material, growth

Light: Unwavering, industrious, enduring, reliable, practcal, reasonable, careful

Shadow: Stubbornness, corruption, avarice, phlegma, dullness, coldness

Keywords: Earth’s Airy Aspect, Structure, High Energy in Material Matter, Unshakable, Caution, Meditation, Physical Activity, Steadiness

Advice: It’s time for action, as you do so, you will gain important experience.

Questions: What activities do you enjoy? What activities can help your self-realization?

Suggestion: Find a creative physical activity in which you will find joy and fulfillment.

Revelation: I find a job that I can accomplish myself and that satisfies me.


Affirmation: I now locate my goals and work towards them with great energy.