Six of Disks – Success

THE SIX OF DISKS – (Six of Coins / Pentacles) – Success – Jupiter – Pisces / Lion / Aquarius – Help
Astrology: Moon in the 2nd decan of Taurus

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Six of Disks – Success

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Drive: Overcome of crisis, success

Light: Wealth, generosity, nobility

Shadow: False pride, taken everything for granted, prodigal

Keywords: Moon in Taurus, inner and outer manifestation, success, transformation

Advice: Be open to your success. It is a gift that you can learn with grateful heart and humble acceptance. Real success comes only after you’ve learned to serve. Success under these conditions enriches every level of your being.

Question: What does success mean to you right now?

Suggestion: Visualize as precisely as you know your success will be.

Revelation: Self-acceptance and self-confidence are the keys to true success.


Affirmation: I am blessed with the bounty of life.