Six of Disks – Success

THE SIX OF DISKS – (Six of Coins / Pentacles) – Success – Jupiter – Pisces / Lion / Aquarius – Help
Astrology: Moon in the 2nd decan of Taurus

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Six of Disks – Success

With the Six of Disks the Suit enters the harmonious times, back to the well-balanced middle, leaving behind the crisis of the Five, regaining success and wealth.

Having experienced both the bad and good sides, gain and loss, the Six of Disks has achieved a wiser attitude towards material concerns. Nothing is taken for granted so easily anymore, and losses won’t be taken for the end of the world. The material wealth is viewed in its actual value, not higher than it is, and not lower when we actually had expected more.

You may be like the wealthy person, sharing your wealth and abundance with others. You have accumulated great wealth and are now in a position to offer financial assistance to those in need. You give generously through charitable donations, tithing or fundraising and enjoy the good feelings associated with helping others. Even if you are not financially wealthy, you offer up your time, energy, love and support to those who are in need, knowing it will be appreciated. Giving of your time or your wisdom is often just as spiritually fulfilling as giving away money or gifts, and the intangible gift of your presence is received just as well, if not better. There may be times when you wonder if you can truly afford to give generously to others – and the wise advice of the Six of Disks is to trust that every contribution you make is valued and will come back to you threefold.

The Lord of Success is a delicious card, indicating that we have achieved a natural state of inner balance and harmony which allows us to use our energies without diversion nor interference. More often than not, these energies are directed into practical channels in the workplace, dealing with things in the home environment.

This is because Disks are about the more mundane aspects of everyday life, and about home and family – some people see Disks as purely money-related, but this is a misunderstanding of their deep function. Rather than interpreting Disks purely in a financial context, we are better served by seeing them as relating to the basic nuts and bolts of security. This includes money and finances, of course, but also covers all sorts of other areas too – the basic trust and reliability of our friends and family, the nature of our home, the set of tasks which form our job.

On a day ruled by the 6 of Disks, we need to be taking stock of our overall position in a practical sense. This is a day to sort out your bank accounts, check your credit card balance, look in your birthday book for upcoming important dates, check what food you have in the freezer, about those people closest to you and consider how they’ve been doing recently.

You are in a position where you have a good relationship with your income. The amount of money that you bring in and your expenses are balanced well, and you are fortunate enough to not have any stress. You are also grateful for all that you own and can happily share your wealth with others. As you can tell from the imagery in the card, the Six of Disks can be about charity. You can either be the man giving away money to the needy, or a beggar gratefully receiving what you need from wealthy donor.

Drive: Overcome of crisis, success

Light: Wealth, nobility, giving, receiving, sharing wealth, generosity, charity, supportive relationship, generous lover

Shadow: False pride, taken everything for granted, prodigal

Reversed: The Six of Disks reversed can suggest that while you are giving to others freely, they are not giving back in return. For example, you may lend money to a friend, but they don’t pay you back. Or you help someone out, but they fail to return the favors and show a lack of gratitude and appreciation. It’s a one-way street, and you may feel as if they are taking advantage of you. While you can’t change the other person’s response or force them to repay the favor (or the money owed), you can learn from the experience and decline to help in the future. Or, if you do decide to offer help again, suggest an alternative way to pay you back so there is still a healthy exchange of energy – perhaps they cook a meal for you or offer you a service in return.

Keywords: Moon in Taurus, inner and outer manifestation, success, transformation

Advice: Be open to your success. It is a gift that you can learn with grateful heart and humble acceptance. Real success comes only after you’ve learned to serve. Success under these conditions enriches every level of your being.

Question: What does success mean to you right now?

Suggestion: Visualize as precisely as you know your success will be.

Revelation: Self-acceptance and self-confidence are the keys to true success.


Affirmation: I am blessed with the bounty of life.