Five of Swords – Defeat

THE FIVE OF SWORDS – Defeat – Mars – Scorpio – Destruction
Astrology: Venus in the 1st decan of Aquarius

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Five of Swords – Defeat

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Drive: Intellectual crisis, struggling against fate

Light: Realisation of limitations and restrictions, philosophy born in pain

Shadow: Loss, defeat, failure, poverty, fear

Keywords: Venus in Aquarius, fear of loss or failure, fear of awkward situations or experiences

Advice: Drawing this card indicates that you are ready to see your fear of failure. Fear is irrational and does not necessarily reflect reality. By recognizing this, you are releasing all the energies that your fear has tied up. If you are afraid that control is slipping out of your hands, remember that feeling that you are in control is just an illusion! By seeing, understanding, accepting and releasing your fear, you will be free.

Question: What do you think of “failure”?

Suggestion: Write down the answer to the question above or tell someone you trust. If the old wounds break, let them feel the pain. Only in this way can the wounds heal.

Revelation: I accept and release my fear.


Affirmation: I welcome success and fortune into my life.