Eight of Cups – Indolence

THE EIGHT OF CUPS – Indolence – Saturn – Moon – Farewell
Astrology: Saturn in the 1st decan of Pisces

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Eight of Cups – Indolence

Full Card

Drive: Temporary success, but without further result, things thrown aside as soon as gained, nothing of lasting value, journey from place to place, searching for riches

Light: Transformation

Shadow: Depression, suicidal, whining, instability

Keywords: Saturn in Pisces, restraint, restraint, uncertainty, emotional inhibition, laziness, swamp, need for clear distinctions

Advice: It’s time to assess what you are capable of and say no. Perhaps an old pattern of behavior causes you to always direct your love towards people you receive nothing in return. It may also be a sign that you may not dare to accept love.

Questions: Who thinks about this? Are you ready to stand up for yourself and be brave? In what situations did you hide your true feelings?

Suggestion: Draw another tab asking what will change if you learn to say no.

Revelation: Develop your own statement according to the cards drawn afterwards.


Affirmation: My energy is the energy of the Universe. My power is my own.