Knight of Wands

THE KING OF WANDS – (Knight of Wands) – Sun – Lion – Confidence, Self-sufficiency
Astrology: 21° Scorpio to 20° Sagittarius
Element: Fire

About :

Knight of Wands

Full Card

Drive: Expansion of spiritual individuality

Light: Inspiration, spiritual activity, a strong will

Shadow: Despotism, egoism, intolerance

Keywords: fiery aspect of fire, dynamic forward movement, increased insight, imminent changes

Advice: Be alert, ready to receive people or situations that can bring about dynamic changes in your consciousness. Be grateful for this gift of existence. Accept it and don’t insist.

Questions: Does your current situation allow your energies to evolve and unfold? If not, what needs to be moved or changed?

Suggestion: Find situations, opportunities that are challenging for you. Get into it with all your energy.

Revelation: All the challenges I face help my growth. Every storm reinforces my roots.


Affirmation: I open myself to my own success.