THE FOUR OF WANDS – Closure – Venus – Moon – Calm
Astrology: Venus in the 3. decan of Aries

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Four of Wands – Completion

Full Card

Drive: Perfection, rest after labor, completion after effort and trouble, structure, control

Light: Competition, well earned rewards, rest after labor

Shadow: Overestimation, torpidity, loss of tranquility

Keywords: Venus in Aries, completion, unification, possibility of new beginning, perfection

Advice: There’s something nice about you in your relationship. The first thing to recognize is that certain familiar circumstances are questioned and openly discussed. The condition of a new unity, a new beginning, is to clarify old things.

Questions: Are you ready to accept your partner in your own otherness? Which areas need urgent clarification or closure?

Suggestion: If there is any tension between you and somebody else, now is the time to illuminate and resolve the relationship and finish what needs to be completed.

Revelation: Completing old things frees me up to open up to new things.


Affirmation: From completion comes renewal.