Four of Disks – Power

THE FOUR OF DISKS – (Four of Coins / Pentacles) – Power – Saturn 2nd House – Penetration
Astrology: Sun in the 3rd decan of Capricorn

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Four of Disks – Power

Full Card

Drive: Stability, security, gain

Light: Assured material gain, rank, success, wealth, productivity

Shadow: Fear of loss, avarice, greed for more, over-estimation of material wealth

Keywords: Sun in Capricorn, domination, openness

Advice: The meaning of this tab depends on the background of the person who drew it. Can be a warning: the person needs to confirm his or her character and integrity. Or it may be a challenge to subordinate its rules and principles to life and the impulses of the heart.

Questions: Is your life and behavior comparable to a rigid fortress? Or should you bring more order, structure, solidity into your life and behavior?

Suggestion: Study the Different Aspects of Power!

Revelation: I put my power into the service of love.


Affirmation: I offer my power in the service of love.