Knight of Swords in Moon in Virgo – October 22

Moon in Virgo: A good time to address any health issues. A period of careful discrimination and attention to detail. This is a time of self-refinement and self-purification. The ideal time to commence vocational studies and to take things apart to see what makes them tick. A time for hard work, organizing and disciplining myself. Practicality and precision is very important now. A period of careful analysis on all levels.

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Knight of Swords: This card brings in a swift, bright energy which clears our heads, allowing us to see the right way to the heart of things. Avoiding any of the tempting, but wasteful, side issues that may come up around important issues.

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Are Things Real? Unraveling the Mind-Bending Truth About Perception and Reality

Ever wondered if the world around you is really “real”? Like, truly real, outside of your own head? That’s a deep question, and one that philosopher Bentinho explores in a pretty mind-blowing way. He suggests that everything we experience, from the leaves on a tree to the smell of fresh air, isn’t actually an “object” out there, but rather a collection of our own perceptions.

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