Knight of Swords

THE KING OF SWORDS – (Knight of Swords) – Mercury – Gemini – Craftsmanship
Astrology: 21° Taurus to 20° Gemini
Element: Air

About :

Knight of Swords

The Knight of Swords represents the Fire in the Air, he is the storm of the mind flaming up high. The Knight is sharp minded, analytical, clever and courageous, always ready for argumentations. His passion for intellectual mind games can make him an excellent warrior in logic.

The Knight of Swords stands for intelligent judgement and mental realizations, he is a skillful trickster and a keen observer.  At the worst, the Knight of Swords tends to put logic and mind ahead of all other values, turning into an cold analytic judging and rating by logic only, without warmth or humanity.

This card brings in a swift, bright energy which clears our heads, allowing us to see the right way to the heart of things. Avoiding any of the tempting, but wasteful, side issues that may come up around important issues.

If you flow well with this energy, you’ll finding yourself thinking quickly and clearly, finding unexpected solutions to apparently difficult problems. You can clear several obstacles from your path on a day ruled by the Knight of Swords.

Intuition plays quite a strong role, as you move into closer touch with your psychic ability, thereby accessing answers to awkward questions which you had before felt frustrated by.

The Knight of Swords suggests that you are quick to take action and tend not to plan ahead, instead preferring to dive right in. You thrive on high levels of energy that move you forward and inspire you to take action to manifest your dreams and goals.

Also, on a day ruled by the Knight of Swords, pick out the things which have been giving you headaches in the last little while. Spend a little time considering the apparent obstacles and difficulties of the problem. Then forget it! At some point during the day, a solution should quite simply pop into your mind. Also keep a close watch on your dreams over the night.  Your dreams  may contain the answers for you. 

Drive: Intellect, science, enlightenment, assertive, direct, daring, action-oriented 

Light: Sharpness of mind, logic, intellect, focused, perfectionist, ambitious, driven to succeed, fast-thinking

Shadow: Coldness, ambiguity, impatient, rude, tactless, forceful, bully, aggressive, vicious, ruthless, arrogant, restless, unfocused

Reversed: Suggests that you have little direction and are making rash and impulsive decisions, pulling others down with you. Your thoughts are scattered, and you are constantly changing your mind. If you are leading others, this can be very confusing and frustrating for all involved.

Keywords: Airy fiery aspect, goal oriented, ambition, passion, ambition, flexible thinking

Advice: You are in a good position to set up plans, set goals, and make them fruitful.

Questions: Do you know your purpose? What if you reach it once? Will you enjoy it?

Suggestion: Imagine how you will be most happy with your success.

Revelation: I am aware of my purpose and know what I am doing to achieve it. Each goal is only a milestone on the road to my destination.


Affirmation: Every problem contains the seed of its own resolution.