The Passion – Lust

The Strength (Lust) Card, in a sense, has a relationship with the Magician.
Zodiac: Leo
Element: Fire
Number: 11 as perfect combination of 1 and 2 (the cross sum of 11 is 2)

About :

XI – The Passion -Lust (The Power)

The Passion in other decks, is called ‘The Power’, a symbol for the mastery of our own animal side.  Crowley named the card ‘Lust’ and most people don’t really think of mastering their inner animal.

In a combination of both, the animal side shouldn’t be ‘mastered’ in the meaning of ‘suppressed’, nor should it be let out to ‘romp around’.  It should not be ignored, but accepted as a natural part of oneself.  In that manner, one will not only be able to profit from its instinctive natural power, but also to save the power needed to ‘master’ it.

The Passion implies vitality, energy and power. The card tells us to use these riches.  In most aspects of life, an endeavor will have much more success when passion is put into it.

When this card appears, do not rule by trying to control others; you quietly influence and persuade. Others may underestimate your power because it is so ‘invisible’ – but you should see that as an advantage. You can control a situation without excessive, outward force. No one knows it’s you calling the shots.

Your strength gives you the confidence to overcome any growing fears, challenges or doubts. Feel the fear and do it anyway! If you have been going through a rough time and are burnt out or stressed, the Strength card encourages you to find the power within yourself to persevere. You have got what it takes to see this situation through to its eventual end. You’re a loyal friend and a solid supporter, willing to step up and be present when others are in need, and you might also feel compelled to hold space for someone who needs your strength and support.

Drive: Energy, passion, charisma, joy of life

Light: Power, vitality, unconditional devotion, courage, persuasion, influence, compassion

Shadow: Weakness, dissatisfaction, depression

Reversed: When Strength Reversed appears in a Tarot reading, tune in to your current levels of inner strength, confidence and self-belief. Are you overflowing with self-confidence, or are you depleted? And how can you bring these aspects back into balance?

Keywords: Multidimensional creativity, talent, power, animal energy, Strength, courage, persuasion, influence, and compassion

Advice: When you are ready to accept what you find within yourself, you will be able to go through all of it with deep sensitivity, alertness, love and understanding.

Questions: Which areas of your life do you want to live more fully? What has prevented you from doing so in the past? Are you ready to do this again?

Suggestion: Handle everything with greater alertness, awareness. Emotions such as love, sadness, pain, looseness or fear are often experienced as obstacles, simply because we have never learned to use them as potential energy.

Revelation: I totally enjoy life.


Affirmation: I live in and value the moment.