THE SIX OF WANDS – Victory – Jupiter 10th House – Win
Astrology: Jupiter in the 2. decan of Leo

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Six of Wands – Victory

The Six of Wands shows that all the past troubles and disruptions have been necessary to grow and develop, and the victory we have now is more than just a gain by lucky chance. We have deserved it.

The Lord of Victory is a powerful and happy card, which offers us satisfaction and contentment. We may have had to struggle hard in order to achieve the success this card promises us, but when we achieve this breakthrough, we are well rewarded.

So on a day which is ruled by the 6 of Wands, we can feel confident that the things we place our energy on will finally yield to our efforts. Pick things that have been particularly difficult to follow through on, and see whether the energy available today will bring them to completion.

The Six of Wands also appears when you have reached an important milestone or achieved a significant goal, and you are confident and successful. You harnessed your strengths and talents to bring about a happy outcome in your endeavors and made it through the chaos of the Five of Wands, minimizing your distractions and focusing on the task at hand.

Also remember that, with the 6 of Wands, there is a strong element of competitiveness. So when looking for things to work on when ruled by the Lord of Victory, seek out those areas where you see yourself as a contender. And go whole-heartedly after the opportunities offered.

The Six of Wands also encourages you to put yourself out there and be proud of what you achieved. Shout your successes from the rooftop and set it all out there for others to see and cheer you on. Be open to receiving love and support from your biggest cheerleaders, who are energized by seeing you succeed.

Drive: Happiness, victory, glory, pride of riches

Light: Creative fullness, satisfaction, triumph, success through energy and industry

Shadow: Vanity, reckless egoism, insolence

Reversed: The Six of Wands reversed suggests that you have reached a significant personal milestone, but unlike the upright version of this card, you prefer to keep it to yourself right now. You may be uncomfortable receiving public praise for your work, or it may be such a private achievement that you have no reason to share it with others. Check in with yourself though: are you avoiding sharing it because you lack confidence or feel nervous about being too over-the-top?

Keywords: Jupiter in the Lion, victory, success, joining forces, purity

Advice: Do what you do. The moment promises success.

Questions: What do you really want to achieve? What does Victory mean to You?

Suggestion: Draw cards for the above questions. Allow clear answers to appear. Then, draw another card that will show you what is helping or hindering your path to victory.

Revelation: I’m ready to enjoy the successes of my life. Every event in my life brings me closer to my ultimate goal and my victory benefits all concerned.


Affirmation: Success and victory enter my life like welcome friends.