Knight of Cups

THE KING OF CUPS – (Knight of Chalices) – Sun – Pisces – Secret Knowledge
Astrology: 21° Aquarius to 20° Pisces

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Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups represents the Fire in the element of water, trying to bring the contrasts in balance, using the flaming fires to advocate the passive waters. There is a certain instability within this Knights’ character, that can shift from one side to the other.

The King of Cups is one of the most influential cards in the suit of Cups. He represents creativity, emotion, and the unconscious. The card shows the ability to restrain one’s emotions and be fully in charge of your feelings and impulses. The King of Cups represents a balance between the intellect and emotions. He indicates that there is a strong relationship between understanding and feeling.

The Knight of Cups might have good senses for art, poetry and lyric, his compassion can make him a good healer. If he manages to reach real depth and inner conviction, he will be able to provide rich tenderness and emotional warmth.

On the shadow side, his quickly rising emotions could be overwhelming, but without depth and reliability, when the fires of spontaneity won’t be able to harmonize with the depth of the waters.  He is friendly but passive, easy to enflame but his interest can fade as quick as it flamed up, at its worst even appear as fakery and falseness. So the Knight of Cups may also appear as an unsteady character, full of unripe ideas and failed attempts.

The lore on this card is quite interesting and it has to do with the ways in which energy flows in your home, and how that contributes to your overall well-being and comfort – it’s rather like the Western version of Feng Shui, and relates to the management of telluric (earth/soil) energy.

The comparisons between telluric beliefs and Feng Shui often align, but there are some differences too.  For instance there is no developed concept of ‘bad’ or damaging energy in the Western theory (just misalignment against energy), which causes problems.

The Knight of Cups rules this energy, and is its master. So on a day when this card comes up, it might be useful to have a think about the ways in which energy flows through your home. Do you often close or block off doors? Are there areas in the house where accidents often happen for no good reason (you have to be logical here and you’re liable to break more plates in the kitchen or dining room than anywhere else for instance. How about your bedroom and does it serve as a tranquil, restful haven or does it tend to make you uneasy or restless?

Just as a matter of interest, the way that you place the head of your bed can have a profound effect on what happens in your life and take a look at this list below which indicates what you draw in from each of the Quarters and cross-quarters of the room.

When it comes to making decisions, the Knight of Cups is ruled by his emotions and his heart. When this card arrives in a Tarot reading, you are making decisions based on how you feel about a situation rather than what you think, even if others can’t make sense of what you are doing and why, and your intuition guides you in everything you do.

Drive: Self-sacrifice, self-redemption, grace, poetry

Light: Compassion, solicitousness, sensibility

Shadow: Vanity, unsteadiness, sentimental obtrusiveness, artificial, untruthfulness

Reversed: can indicate that you are sulky, moody, and jealous. You may feel frustrated that you are not being given the opportunity to dream and create. You allow your emotions to get the better of you if you are not getting your way.

Keywords: fiery aspect of water, surrender to loved one, ability to give, reaching higher emotional levels, spiritual relationships, family of choice

Advice: You want an intense relationship with those who think similarly, have a similar attitude.

Question: How can your relationship be enriched?

Suggestion: Find your true family, the community where you feel at home. There you will find the quality of communication you desire.

Revelation: Now I find companions whose closeness and support brings me closer to my inner reality.


Affirmation: I align myself with natural energies, and benefit from their strength.