The Hermit

The Hermit is the card of retreat and turning into ourselves.
Zodiac: Virgin
Element: Earth
Number: 9 as the number going back into itself (3 x 3)

About :

IX – The Hermit

The Hermit represents the retirement from the outside world, introversion into the inner self, listening to the inner voice and caring for the inner self.  He requires retreat from any social events and loud company, and stands for a time of self-reflection and self-realization.

For most people, the silent loneliness of the Hermit appears unattractive, but behind the Hermit is the wisdom of the High Priestess. You cannot listen to your inner voices while having a party.

Are you are currently contemplating that you need to be alone. Never be afraid to take this chance to reflect, as it could help you clear your mind of all the clutter that comes with everyday life. The Hermit may also refer to your effort in taking action that is authentic and aligned with your true self. You are perhaps searching your inner soul for guidance on what is right, and where your next steps are to be.

The Hermit is a seeker for the knowledge that comes from within. A lonely wanderer in the path of the night, he searches for that which can only be gained with long periods of solitude and listening to the inner voice. To hear it, he must disconnect from the crowds whose voices and desires threaten to overcome his own. He walks through the dark night of his unconscious, guided only by the low light of the northern star, with his destination being his home, his self.

In its negative aspect, the Hermit could mean being afraid of others or of life.  When the retreat turns out to be a runaway, the loneliness can turn into a jail.

Drive: Retiring from life, retreat from the masses, looking into one’s self, introversion

Light: Wisdom, realization, mental maturity, the inner light, Soul-searching, introspection, being alone, inner guidance

Shadow: Numbness, loneliness, bitterness, Isolation, withdrawal

Reversed: The Hermit Reversed can go one of two ways: you are not taking enough time for personal reflection, or you are taking too much. If you struggle to connect with your spiritual self, The Hermit Reversed encourages you to create more space to meditate and reflect.

Keywords: Virgo, finding our own inner light, moving inward, fertility, perfection, finishing, harvesting, being at peace in our inner center, wise leader

Advice: Accept your privacy! Don’t worry about those who don’t understand, who would rather you were part of the crowd. If you meet a wise leader or teacher, join him.

Question: Are there any open situations or relationships in your life?

Suggestion: Make a list of the situations you want to solve now or somehow end. Whoever starts out in search of inner light should not be burdened with unresolved conflicts.  The profits must be lasting.

Revelation: I enjoy solitude. Whenever I want to end my loneliness, I relax.


Affirmation: I dwell at the center of myself.