II – The Priestess

The High Priestess denotes unconscious power, tenderness, sensitivity, and often inexplicable but deeply rooted certainty.

Ruling Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Number: 2 as the symbol of duality (female)

About :

II – The High Priestess

The High Priestess represents the deeper, more subtle aspect of the female archetype in the darkness, the mystery, psychic power, the might of the moon to enlighten the subconscious. The High Priestess is silence, passivity, containing a power of her own. Only when retiring from the world, can we allow our subconscious to rise, listen to our inner voice and recognize our spiritual power.

Most people never rest like this, as our society supports the total suppression of the subconscious, but without it we will never understand ourselves.  The High Priestess is inner wisdom at its deepest, a wisdom that cannot be expressed in rational terms.  Trying so, we would already falsify and restrict it.

As a symbol for deeper knowledge, the card can express a feeling of darkness, which might also be a feeling of fear, but also a feeling of beauty.  We know there is more inside than we can see.

In a negative aspect, the High Priestess could stand for passivity at the wrong time, leading to weakness and a fear of life.  It could mean that a person is very sensitive but unable to touch their feelings or just live with their feelings.

Drive: The desire to find the inner sources, the own springs

Light: Being one with the beginning of all, aware of the wisdom from the subconscious, intuitive knowledge, patience

Shadow: Dreaming, changing moods, doubts, ignoring of reality

Reversed: The High Priestess Reversed calls on you to be still and direct your attention inward to listen to your voice and wisdom. You may be swayed by other people’s opinions or swept up in their drama when what you really need to do is focus on what is right for you. It is time to get quiet and withdraw yourself from the external world to observe what your inner guidance is sharing with you now.

Keywords: Moon, Road to Intuitive Forces, Healing, Independence, Internal Balance, Enhanced Self-Confidence

Advice: Now connected with your intuitive forces. Continue to develop them completely. Pay attention to your independence!

Question: Are there any areas in your life where you let others influence you, rather than relying on your own intuition?

Suggestion: Find water as often as you can. Meditate on water and learn as much as you can.

Revelation: I trust in my intuitive abilities.


Affirmation: My intuition works like a trustworthy friend.