THE EIGHT OF WANDS – Speed – Progressions
Astrology: Mercury in the 1. decan of Sagittarius

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Eight of Wands – Swiftness

With the Eight of Wands the element of Fire, the realm of intellect and logic, ruled by Mercury and thus an area much to its delight.  Swiftness is what is demanded in here, decisive action in high speed modus.

The card can stand for sudden realizations, quick brainwaves, it can tell that the solution for a problem is already there or soon to come. It also reminds us that the spirit needs freedom to fly for otherwise it won’t work at its best.

The shadow side of the card can mean that we waste too much time with disputing and all kinds of tidbits, instead of moving quick and decisively. In another aspect of course it the size of the dose that makes the poison effective – if we rush it too much we’ll end up with a mass of particles that won’t do us any good.

When the Lord of Swiftness comes up in a reading, it shows that there is an energy available which will break down obstacles, move restrictions and allow the free flow of power in any situation you direct it toward.

Often there will have been problems which refuse to yield to any reasonable solution previously attempted. However on a day ruled by the 8 of Wands even the most intractable and stubborn difficulties will simply fall away when the down rush of power is felt from this card.

On an 8 of Wands day, go looking for problems! Try to locate those things and whether they are major or minor, that have refused resolution till now.  When you find something that seems applicable, sit down for a few minutes and mentally walk around the obstacle, trying to get a new perspective on it.

This thinking period is important, because when this card rules, there is rapid and swift communication – either intuitively or in real terms, which allows you to see a way through the maze of complications that can build up around the most mundane of tasks.

The Eight of Wands also invites you to be laser-focused with your intentions and actions. Determine what you want to manifest and then align all of your resources and energy to focus on that singular goal. Remove all distractions and devote yourself to the task with total concentration, determination and will. This experience can be highly productive, allowing you to accomplish a lot in a short time.

Expect, during your period of contemplation, to see new possibilities for solving the problem. Wait for the out-of-the-blue thought that strikes you as though from nowhere. When you discover it, try it out, no matter how outlandish it may at first appear.

Drive: Excessive force applied to suddenly, rushing ahead, action

Light: Progression, ideas, creativity, motion, changes, development, priorities, clear intentions

Shadow: Rashness, thoughtlessness, rapacious, insolent, jealousy, violent but not lasting

Reversed: warn that you are resisting change, trying to stop the flow of energy and movement. It will only make things harder, so let go and be in the flow. If you have been feeling stuck, do things differently (new routines, locations, activities) and get the energy moving once again.

Keywords: Mercury in Sagittarius, clear, direct, fast communication, clearing up misunderstanding

Advice: The time has come for you to determine where you stand. If you are open and continue to focus, misunderstandings will clear up.

Question: Is there someone you dare not say openly where you stand?

Suggestion: Take this opportunity to open up more to the people who mean something to you.  Talk to them or write them a letter.

Revelation: My openness and self-confidence opens the hearts of those I love.


Affirmation: Challenges and obstacles are achievements waiting to happen.