THE TWO OF WANDS – Rule – Mars – Libra – Surface
Astrology: Mars in the 1. decan of Aries

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Two of Wands – Dominion

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Drive: Courage, determination, the will to conquer

Light: Power, creativity

Shadow: Destruction, shamelessness, revenge, restlessness

Keywords: Mars in Aries, warlike energy, dynamic pioneer, domination of the situation

Advice: Pay attention to concentration. If you are in a relationship with yourself, you will definitely be in control. Trust your energy! Do not accept any false compromise.

Question: What situations and tasks are you facing?

Suggestion: When you’re in a challenging position, sit upright and comfortable. Take a deep, abdominal breath. Wait until the air is soft and calm and you feel quite relaxed. Now visualize the situation. See for yourself how you continue to focus on the problem.

Revelation: Inside me, I find the power I need.


Affirmation: My Will flows effortlessly in perfect acts of creation.