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Astrology: Mars in the 1. decan of Aries

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Two of Wands – Dominion

The power of energy that is born in the Ace is given direction and a goal in the Two of Wands.  The power of creation and energy is the best possible surrounding for the flaming forces, the first manifestation following the pure idea, the beginning of transformation.

Yet the card is not talking of consideration, let alone any cares. It comes up strong and recklessly, a wonderful thing when guiding at one good goal or project.  Nevertheless, one should take at least a bit care that those wonderful powers won’t crush anything around to pieces.

The Lord of Dominion is a card about mastery of life and of ourselves. It indicates the ability to follow through on our personal destiny, to make our dreams into reality, and to realize our strongest desires.

Dominion is a word not much used these days and therefore sometimes misunderstood.  It means ‘rulership’ and has almost nothing to do with domination, even though each of them comes from the same root domain.  In the context of the Tarot, we are relating to our personal domain or territory as our own lives, and our potentials.

This card has a great deal to do with the application of the True Will. We all have one of these, whether we have worked to discover and understand it or not. One thing that many people don’t understand is the fact that the Will functions at all times, in every second of existence. Every thought, concept, hope, dream, whether positive or negative, creates a piece of our upcoming reality.

This is one reason why we have, in the Working With commentaries, concentrated very hard on looking at what we think and feel, how we see ourselves, and how we relate to life. Because, with every thought you think, your Will operates to bring that thought into existence.  So if you happen to be thinking negatively and unhappily, your Will trots off and makes a little bit more negativity and unhappiness for you.

The Lord of Dominion gives us power over our thoughts, by asking us to take responsibility for the future we are making for ourselves. We must do this by observing (without judgement nor self-recrimination) our thought patterns. And then we must consider where those thought patterns are leading us. And if we don’t like the look of the future – well, we have the opportunity to change it before it’s too late!!

Drive: Courage, determination, the will to conquer

Light: Power, creativity

Shadow: Destruction, shamelessness, revenge, restlessness

Reversed: Two of Wands reversed may indicate that you have a fruitful idea, but lack a clear strategy to move it forward. As a result, you are working haphazardly and inefficiently and not reaching your desired destination as quickly as you would like. 

Keywords: Mars in Aries, warlike energy, dynamic pioneer, domination of the situation

Advice: Pay attention to concentration. If you are in a relationship with yourself, you will definitely be in control. Trust your energy! Do not accept any false compromise.

Question: What situations and tasks are you facing?

Suggestion: When you’re in a challenging position, sit upright and comfortable. Take a deep, abdominal breath. Wait until the air is soft and calm and you feel quite relaxed. Now visualize the situation. See for yourself how you continue to focus on the problem.

Revelation: Inside me, I find the power I need.


Affirmation: My Will flows effortlessly in perfect acts of creation.