Two of Disks – Change

THE TWO OF DISKS – (Two of Coins / Pentacles) – Change – Moon – Mars – Persistence
Astrology: Jupiter in the 1st decan of Capricorn

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Two of Disks – Change

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Drive: Growing, proceeding. the begin of a project

Light: Flexibility, enthusiasm that a project proceeds

Shadow: Imbalance, the inability to accept a change, clinging to a status quo that is about to fade or change.

Keywords: Jupiter in Capricorn, change, transformation, continuous progress

Advice: Your life is constantly changing, and it allows you to grow, to expand and expand, which ultimately enriches you. Give yourself the confidence to change!

Questions: What internal and external changes are taking place in your life? What are you still dependent on?

Suggestion: Meditate on the following statement: The only constant thing is change.

Revelation: I am getting better and better every day and in every way.


Affirmation: I celebrate my growth and power.