THE THREE OF WANDS – Victory – Mercury – Leo – Insight
Astrology: Sun in the 2. decan of Aries

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Drive: Creativity, the will to begin, striving towards a goal

Light: Accomplishment, confidence, harmony of powers, pride, nobility

Shadow: Moodiness, overestimation of one’s self, conceit, rudeness, insolence, obstinacy, treachery pride, nobility

Keywords: Aries Day, Virtue, Integrity, Straightness, Honesty, Self-Confidence, Restart

Advice: Pay attention to your own being and your inner peace. Focus and win!

Questions: Do you have reason to doubt yourself? Do you still doubt your virtues?

Suggestion: If you are not well collected and have long-standing doubts inside, pull a sheet to illuminate the origin of the work that remains to be done.

Revelation: I have the strength and the values to think and know.



Affirmation: I live out my beliefs in all my acts.