The Chariot Finds the Moon in Leo – October 15th


Moon in Leo: Leo is the show off sign of the zodiac and when the Moon makes her appearance, you can be sure someone somewhere is turning heads. If you need to do something with confidence, a Leo Moon Day is a great place to do so.

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VII – The Chariot: Chariot is a symbol for the armor we build up when moving forward in the process of self-assertion. It also alludes to the danger that we might mix this armor with our actual personality.

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Are Things Real? Unraveling the Mind-Bending Truth About Perception and Reality

Ever wondered if the world around you is really “real”? Like, truly real, outside of your own head? That’s a deep question, and one that philosopher Bentinho explores in a pretty mind-blowing way. He suggests that everything we experience, from the leaves on a tree to the smell of fresh air, isn’t actually an “object” out there, but rather a collection of our own perceptions.

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