Ten of Cups (Satiety) in Moon of Virgo – October 21

Moon in Virgo: Your feeling of safety is now related to order and clarity, even in emotions. You may have the need to organize everything chaotic and disorganized. Try being more tolerant and accept the imperfections of life. It is better to trust life and let it run its own way, not everything must be according to our expectations. https://thothreadings.com/moon-in-virgo/

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Ten of Cups – Satiety: Try to make an oasis of silence around yourself every now and again, so that you can simply experience and feel and know the quality of your life. This doesn’t have to be for long periods – five minutes here and there throughout the day will make for a happy interlude. https://thothreadings.com/ten-of-cups-satiety/

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Are Things Real? Unraveling the Mind-Bending Truth About Perception and Reality

Ever wondered if the world around you is really “real”? Like, truly real, outside of your own head? That’s a deep question, and one that philosopher Bentinho explores in a pretty mind-blowing way. He suggests that everything we experience, from the leaves on a tree to the smell of fresh air, isn’t actually an “object” out there, but rather a collection of our own perceptions.

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