THE SIX OF WANDS – Victory – Jupiter 10th House – Win
Astrology: Jupiter in the 2. decan of Leo

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Six of Wands – Victory

Full Card

Drive: Happiness, victory, glory, pride of riches

Light: Creative fullness, satisfaction, triumph, success through energy and industry

Shadow: Vanity, reckless egoism, insolence

Keywords: Jupiter in the Lion, victory, success, joining forces, purity

Advice: Do what you do. The moment promises success.

Questions: What do you really want to achieve? What does Victory mean to You?

Suggestion: Draw cards for the above questions. Allow clear answers to appear. Then, draw another card that will show you what is helping or hindering your path to victory.

Revelation: I’m ready to enjoy the successes of my life. Every event in my life brings me closer to my ultimate goal and my victory benefits all concerned.


Affirmation: Success and victory enter my life like welcome friends.