Six of Swords – Science

THE SIX OF SWORDS – Science – Mars 4th House – Mercury 9th House – Suffering
Astrology: Mercury in the 2nd decan of Aquarius

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Six of Swords – Science

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Drive: All-embracing thinking, science, research

Light: Success after anxiety and trouble, search for truth

Shadow: Too much rationalism, distrust

Keywords: Mercury in Aquarius, analytical skills, ability to unite thoughts, all-round vision, all-inclusive understanding, objectivity

Advice: You can sense it at different levels and from different perspectives. Understanding things connects many different aspects.

Question: Where are templates in your life, and what are they?

Suggestion: Trust your insights. Communicate in a way that others understand. Allow the rose to open.

Revelation: The rose of knowledge blossoms in my heart.


Affirmation: I see unity and celebrate union.