THE SEVEN OF WANDS – Courage – Mercury / Mars – Saturn – Resistance
Astrology: Mars in the 3. decan of Leo

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Seven of Wands – Valour

Full Card

Drive: Courage, fighting spirit, overcoming opposition

Light: Initiation, rebirth

Shadow: Getting attacked, facing hardships

Keywords: Mars in Lion, courage, boldness, effect, risk-taking, no compromise

Advice: Being loyal to yourself also means you stand up for your own righteousness, even if you face tremendous resistance. Trust the fort. In this situation, you have to prevail at all costs.

Questions: Are you ready to accept any consequences. Be aware of the fears that have stood in the way of your case so far.

Suggestion: Make yourself aware of the warrior! What positive qualities this aspect of your being embodies.

Revelation: I openly and honestly express my own reality.


Affirmation: I welcome life and embrace opportunity.