Queen of Wands

THE QUEEN OF WANDS – Moon – Lion – Self-confidence
Astrology: 21° Pisces to 20° Aries
Element: The waters in the Fire

About :

Queen of Wands

Full Card

Drive: Motion and transformation

Light: Independence, honor, spiritual visons, passion, adaptability

Shadow: Intolerance, despotism, jealousy, reckless passion

Keywords: water aspect of fire, self-knowledge, change, sympathy

Signs: You worked for yourself and made progress. Time to learn how to share this with others. Let your self-realization be expressed in everyday life!

Question: How can you share what you find yourself with others?

Suggestion: Meditate on the following statement: “To learn is to figure out what you already know. The action is to show that you know. To teach is to let others know what they know as well as you do.”

Revelation: I am a radiant being filled with light and love.



Affirmation: I am a radiant strong being filled with the power of love.