Queen of Wands

THE QUEEN OF WANDS – Moon – Lion – Self-confidence
Astrology: 21° Pisces to 20° Aries
Element: The waters in the Fire

About :

Queen of Wands

As a queen, she is the mother of her element, the emotion and the sensitivity, thus having her attributes of love, understanding and sympathy, her abilities to form and create, spending trust and warmth. The fiery character provides pride, passion, inspiration and powerful independence, her charisma, strength and expansiveness.

Due to the imbalance in her character, the Queen of Wands can easily shift to her dark side, becoming a hot-tempered, revengeful fury, over dominant and possessive, taking the tiniest bit as a reason to bear an grudge for years. She never forgets and never forgives, and as easily her fiery temper makes her forget own mistakes, so deeply her watery depths can cause her to ponder long and broad about the mistakes of others.  Missing the stability of earth and the logic of air, tolerance and self-control never were her best disciplines.

A woman represented by the Queen of Wands will be a strong person, forthright and sometimes painfully honest. She’s experienced, capable and determined.  She makes a reliable and trustworthy friend, and a very worthy adversary.

The day ruled by the Queen of Wands is going to be one where women are dominant. So we need to split up these influences, depending upon whether you are affected as though you WERE the Queen of Wands, or influenced BY the Queen of Wands.

Let’s take the first one – where you feel as though you are acting as this Queen. If so, you will be in dynamic mode. You may well find that your opinion is requested – please remember that, since this Queen is forthright and sometimes downright outspoken, it’s as well to consider what you say!! And don’t offer your opinion if it hasn’t been asked for!!

The Queen of Wands asks you to be bold in your undertakings and actions. Don’t be afraid to own your real power and put it out into the world. You have so much to offer – so shine your light bright! Believe in yourself and what you stand for, and don’t be afraid to speak up and be heard. No one will silence you.

Be prepared for your inner reserve of strength to be called upon by other people. Be generous with your compassion and caring with your attention to other people. Often people who turn to you during this day will be in trouble, needful of guidance and support.

Drive: Motion and transformation

Light: Independence, honor, spiritual visons, passion, adaptability

Shadow: Intolerance, despotism, jealousy, reckless passion

Reversed: The Queen of Wands reversed shows you have reached a place of self-respect and confidence. You know yourself on a deep level, and you are clear on your personal truth and belief systems. You know what you stand for you and you are not easily moved by the opinions of others. You have also defined what success means to you, even if it differs from others’ definitions.

Keywords: water aspect of fire, self-knowledge, change, sympathy

Signs: You worked for yourself and made progress. Time to learn how to share this with others. Let your self-realization be expressed in everyday life!

Question: How can you share what you find yourself with others?

Suggestion: Meditate on the following statement: “To learn is to figure out what you already know. The action is to show that you know. To teach is to let others know what they know as well as you do.”

Revelation: I am a radiant being filled with light and love.



Affirmation: I am a radiant strong being filled with the power of love.