Queen of Cups

THE QUEEN OF CUPS – (Queen of Chalices) – Moon – Pisces – Sensitivity
Astrology: 21° Gemini to 20° Cancer

About :

Queen of Cups

Full Card

Drive: Floating across the borders, drifting between reality and dream

Light: Imagination, poetry, kindness, sensitivity, emotional depth

Shadow: Diffusion, spinning around in irrational folly

Keywords: water aspect of water as above, open emotions, emotional independence, motherhood

Advice: By expressing your emotions openly, you will be beautified. Some may not understand, but don’t worry! There are enough others to share your feelings with.

Question: Are you open to your feelings and instincts?

Suggestion: Trust Your Feelings! Live in harmony with them!

Revelation: My openness and vitality beautify me.


Affirmation: I am a radiant loveable being.