Queen of Cups

THE QUEEN OF CUPS – (Queen of Chalices) – Moon – Pisces – Sensitivity
Astrology: 21° Gemini to 20° Cancer

About :

Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups represents water in water, she is the purest manifestation of the soul of the waters. Thus she represents pure emotion, passion, feeling, never influenced by judgement or purpose. She is loving and affectionate, a warm-hearted mother and a tender friend, looking into the depths of the heart.

The Queen of Cups is nurturing, caring, compassionate and sensitive. When you see her in a Tarot reading, you are embodying her ‘nurturing mother’ energy. 

On the darker side, the Queen of Cups lacks the stability of the Earth, the will of Air and Fire. Water in water is all passivity and has no powers of its own, but makes a perfect transformer of any other power coming along. So she is susceptible to all kinds of influences, her instability might let her appear unreliable and inconstant.

At its worst, the precious qualities of imagination and flowing fantasy might turn out to weakness and thoughtlessness, turning in any direction that any wind may blow, getting lost in a dream.

This Queen rules the realms of love and beauty (both mundane and spiritual). She indicates the inner reflective quality which allows us to relate to the imaginal and dreaming qualities each of us has (though all too often rarely uses).

So on a day which is ruled by her, it is to these areas we must turn. This is a time to reflect about love, and to seek out beauty. But since this card is an inward looking one, in many respects, we need to look at ourselves more than we look outside.

Seek out the lovely, loving things in you. Search for your own beauty. Try to identify the things in yourself that you are glad to have as a part of you. Find things about yourself which are beautiful.

One important aspect of the Queen of Cups is her ability to let us reach inside and see things from a different perspective. She gives us permission to be in love with and satisfied by ourselves.

Drive: Floating across the borders, drifting between reality and dream

Light: Imagination, poetry, kindness, sensitivity, emotional depth

Shadow: Diffusion, spinning around in irrational folly

Reversed: The reversed Queen of Cups could mean you are wrapped up in other people’s emotional responses and have created a co-dependent relationship that is not healthy for either party.

Keywords: water aspect of water as above, open emotions, emotional independence, motherhood

Advice: By expressing your emotions openly, you will be beautified. Some may not understand, but don’t worry! There are enough others to share your feelings with.

Question: Are you open to your feelings and instincts?

Suggestion: Trust Your Feelings! Live in harmony with them!  Create a list or journal things that you love about yourself or find beautiful with in you.

Revelation: My openness and vitality beautify me.


Affirmation: I am a radiant loveable being.