Princess of Wands

THE PAGE OF WANDS – (Knave / Princess of Wands) – Venus – Moon – Sagittarius – Luck
Astrology: Venus in the fire signs
Element: The Earth

About :

Princess of Wands

Full Card

Drive: Passion, joy of life

Light: Enthusiasm, courage, beauty

Shadow: Greed, arrogance, poverty of true feelings, superficial, theatrical, cruelty, instability, domineering, a gossip

Keywords: earthly aspect of fire, getting rid of fear, new beginnings, optimism, increased perception

Advice: Your old fears have lost control of you. Their ashes don’t scare you anymore. Now think about your greatest strengths.

Question: What’s the next step in your life? Find it without fear!

Suggestion: Study the path of transformative feelings filled with fear. Get involved, for example, in dance, trans practice, or ecstatic meditation.

Revelation: If I accept my fear, it becomes love.


Affirmation: I release my fears and allow myself to be filled with confidence and self trust.