Princess of Wands

THE PAGE OF WANDS – (Knave / Princess of Wands) – Venus – Moon – Sagittarius – Luck
Astrology: Venus in the fire signs
Element: The Earth

About :

Princess of Wands

The Princess of Wands represents the Earth in the element of Fire, far from the Queen’s depth and the Prince’s Air.  She’s the Fire’s daughter, with all the flaming energy of the Knight, unaffected from deeper emotions. The only heritage from her mother is the good memory for insulting and the thirst for revenge.

Though, while dancing in the flames, the Princess of Wands has her own beauty with her unsuitable hunger for life and her endless, powerful energies. Her passion is hot, explosive and fast, burning down the object of desire and forgetting about it as soon as a new one comes in sight. Almost like Bizet’s Carmen, she’s irresistible in her seductive carelessness, in all her lust and anima.

At the shadow side, the Princess of Wands can lack all true warmth of the heart, faithless and self-indulgent, unable to feel real compassion and understanding.  At the worst, she can sink down in pure greed and cruelty, too cold and numbed to recognize the own emotional poverty and emptiness.

This is a powerful and hopeful card, promising energy, action and progress. One of the very important inner aspects of the Princess of Wands is her function in allowing us to leave old fears behind.

The Princess of Wands represents the freedom we gain when we release old restrictions and habits, in order to forge forward into a future which is shaped more by ourselves, and less by outdated environments, and outmoded concepts.

We often find, when we examine our motives and attitudes thoroughly, that somehow we have collected lots of emotional ‘garbage’ along the way. Sometimes we do not even realize this exists; other times we know these problems exist, but rarely take the time to examine how they affect us, what they deny us, how we limit ourselves by failing to clean them out.

So on a day ruled by Princess of Wands, we need to select one of our fears or habits, and really subject it to careful scrutiny. Take a good hard look at what this particular fear gives you in terms of support, and what it gives you in terms of damage. Try to isolate where it came from. And try not to run away from doing either of these things.

Drive: Passion, joy of life

Light: Enthusiasm, courage, beauty

Shadow: Greed, arrogance, poverty of true feelings, superficial, theatrical, cruelty, instability, domineering, a gossip

Keywords: earthly aspect of fire, getting rid of fear, new beginnings, optimism, increased perception

Advice: Your old fears have lost control of you. Their ashes don’t scare you anymore. Now think about your greatest strengths.

Question: What’s the next step in your life? Find it without fear!

Suggestion: Study the path of transformative feelings filled with fear. Get involved, for example, in dance, trans practice, or ecstatic meditation.

Revelation: If I accept my fear, it becomes love.


Affirmation: I release my fears and allow myself to be filled with confidence and self trust.