Princess of Disks

THE PAGE OF DISKS – (Knave / Princess of Coins / Pentacles) – Uranus – Venus – Taurus – Opportunity
Astrology: Venus in the Earth signs
Element: Earth 

About :

Princess of Disks

Full Card

Drive: Creation, growth, birth, making

Light: Generosity, kindness, love, faith, sensitivity and concentration

Shadow: Wasteful, prodigal, illogical, stubborn, all too dependent and changeable in her opinions

Keywords: earthly aspect of the earth, pregnancy, Mother Earth, birth, renewal, harmony

Advice: Something new is entering your life. Get ready!

Question: What do you need to do to get ready for the next step in your life?

Suggestion: Meditate for a while over the image of the Princess. Breathe calmly, rest your eyes on the yin / yang symbol. Then close your eyes and feel the new quality that enters your life.

Revelation: I’m ready for the new beauty of my life



Affirmation: I now welcome fresh growth and renewal into my life.