Princess of Disks

THE PAGE OF DISKS – (Knave / Princess of Coins / Pentacles) – Uranus – Venus – Taurus – Opportunity
Astrology: Venus in the Earth signs
Element: Earth 

About :

Princess of Disks

The Princess of Disks represents the Earth in the Earth, she is the pure manifestation, the physical world of making and growing. She is the last of the court cards and therefore implies a new begin of the circle, which could mean the beginning of a new project or a new physical creation.

With the Princess, you are tapping into your ability to manifest a personal goal or dream and may be in the midst of a new project such as a hobby, business venture, or the start of a new educational experience. You are excited about the possibilities and potential of what you put your mind to, knowing you can create whatever you want with focused intention and action.  She gives you the energy that you need to complete all that is needed for your work. It may point to the determination, focus and the ability to stick with a particular task no matter how boring it may seem. In terms of work, it may signify that there are a lot of tasks you are responsible for, but your time to complete them is much too limited. This is not the time to feel stressed and overwhelmed. Assistance will be there for you, you just have to ask for it. 

The Princess of Disks is warm-hearted, sensual and generous, an unwavering and concentrated person with all the reliable stability of the Earth. Yet she lacks Fire and Air, as well as the conforming qualities of Water, she can easily be a little too dependent from outside influences but nevertheless being unable to really adapt to others.

On the dark side the Princess of Disks can get illogical, prodigal and wasteful, dissipating her ideas and lacking the ability to recognize facts. When in bad mood, she’s as adaptable as a stubborn, nasty child.

This card is one with a great deal of hidden strength and power within it, which promises new growth, big changes and new beginnings, accompanied by the inner reserves to make the best of those influences.

A day ruled by this Princess is one on which financial matters will usually work well, and where you may quite possibly receive good news regarding money and wealth. Pay special attention to ideas you have during a day like this, and be prepared to think them through and act on them as soon as the time is right.

Keep firmly in touch with everyday life, but listen for the whispers of intuition which are sparked by part of the Princess’s inner power. This is a day to be well-earthed, but to walk with your head among the stars.

The Princess of Disks has a hidden title “The rose of the Palace of Earth”. And here we find the deepest spiritual aspects of her influence. The Palace of Earth is the planet, and the rose is connected symbolically a symbol of resurrection and eternal life.

Drive: Creation, growth, birth, making

Light: Generosity, kindness, love, faith, sensitivity and concentration, diligent lover, dedication in relationship

Shadow: Wasteful, prodigal, illogical, stubborn, all too dependent and changeable in her opinions

Reversed: Can suggest that you are trying to get a specific project or idea off the ground, but each time you try, it seems to amount to nothing or takes you even further away from where you want to be. Maybe you have not planned sufficiently, you’ve lost sight of your original inspiration, or you are trying too hard.

Keywords: earthly aspect of the earth, pregnancy, Mother Earth, birth, renewal, harmony, quiet, steady

Reflection: The seeds you plant now will come to fruition in a future moment of your life. Are you planting the correct seeds to bring about the desired outcome? Apple trees don’t grow from chili pepper seeds. Carefully examine your thoughts, words, and actions, and choose the seeds you plant with intention and purpose. Karma can be a b*tch or your best friend. Up to you.

Advice: Something new is entering your life. Get ready!

Question: What do you need to do to get ready for the next step in your life?

Suggestion: Meditate for a while over the image of the Princess. Breath calmly, rest your eyes on the yin and yang symbol. Then close your eyes and feel the new quality that enters your life.

Revelation: I’m ready for the new beauty of my life


Affirmation: I now welcome fresh growth and renewal into my life.