Knight of Swords

THE KING OF SWORDS – (Knight of Swords) – Mercury – Gemini – Craftsmanship
Astrology: 21° Taurus to 20° Gemini
Element: Air

About :

Knight of Swords

Full Card

Drive: Intellect, science, enlightenment

Light: Sharpness of mind, logic, intellect

Shadow: Coldness, Zionism, ambiguity

Keywords: airy fiery aspect, goal oriented, ambition, passion, ambition, flexible thinking

Advice: You are in a good position to set up plans, set goals, and make them fruitful.

Questions: Do you know your purpose? What if you reach it once? Will you enjoy it?

Suggestion: Imagine how you will be most happy with your success.

Revelation: I am aware of my purpose and know what I am doing to achieve it. Each goal is only a milestone on the road to my final destination.


Affirmation: Every problem contains the seed of its own resolution.