Knight of Cups

THE KING OF CUPS – (Knight of Chalices) – Sun – Pisces – Secret Knowledge
Astrology: 21° Aquarius to 20° Pisces

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Knight of Cups

Full Card

Drive: Self-sacrifice, self-redemption, grace, poetry

Light: Compassion, solicitousness, sensibility

Shadow: Seducability, vanity, unsteadiness, sentimental obtrusiveness, artificial, untruthfulness

Keywords: fiery aspect of water, surrender to loved one, ability to give, reaching higher emotional levels, spiritual relationships, family of choice

Advice: You want an intense relationship with those who think similarly, have a similar attitude.

Question: How can your relationship be enriched?

Suggestion: Find your true family, the community where you feel at home. There you will find the quality of communication you desire.

Revelation: Now I find companions whose closeness and support brings me closer to my inner reality.


Affirmation: I align myself with natural energies, and benefit from their strength.