II – The Priestess

The High Priestess denotes unconscious power, tenderness, sensitivity, and often inexplicable but deeply rooted certainty.

Ruling Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Number: 2 as the symbol of duality (female)

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II – The High Priestess

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Drive: The desire to find the inner sources, the own springs

Light: Being one with the beginning of all, aware of the wisdom from the subconscious, intuitive knowledge, patience

Shadow: Dreaming, changing moods, doubts, ignoring of reality

Keywords: Moon, Road to Intuitive Forces, Healing, Independence, Internal Balance, Enhanced Self-Confidence

Advice: Now connected with your intuitive forces. Continue to develop them completely. Pay attention to your independence!

Question: Are there any areas in your life where you let others influence you, rather than relying on your own intuition?

Suggestion: Find water as often as you can. Meditate on water and learn as much as you can.

Revelation: I trust in my intuitive abilities.


Affirmation: My intuition works like a trustworthy friend.