Four of Cups – Luxury

THE FOUR OF CUPS – Luxury – Mars – Cancer – Grouch
Astrology: Moon in the 3. decan of Cancer

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Four of Cups – Luxury

Full Card

Drive: Emotional richness, stability of feelings, love without risk

Light: Maternity, protection

Shadow: Possessive ‘love’, restriction of others in order to satisfy one’s self, or just for wrong intentions

Keywords: Moon in Cancer, love, tenderness, emotional richness, care

Advice: You get a lot of love and dedication lately. Enjoy it, but without becoming addicted to it.

Questions: Do you have a relationship where you feel limited? Do you show adoration for someone?

Suggestion: After you have answered the above questions in a self-critical way, pull another card that will show you how to handle the situation.

Revelation: I enjoy being together, full of gratitude and joy.


Affirmation: I see love around me and celebrate its presence.