Four of Cups – Luxury

THE FOUR OF CUPS – Luxury – Mars – Cancer – Grouch
Astrology: Moon in the 3. decan of Cancer

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Four of Cups – Luxury

In the Four of Cups the emotions are stabilized.  A relationship might be comfortable, but it is fixed, the zenith is already crossed and the worth is taken as granted. When there is no more risk, freedom and excitement are lost.

The 4 as the number of structure and reality implies a certain authority, it provides security and order. This might be useful when it comes to Disks, but emotions can’t breathe with too much control, waters will foul when kept from floating.

Therefore, the Four of Cups is not quite the best choice ever, and it shows.  Behind the bright glamour of the four golden cups the grey background of emptiness is already lurking.

The Lord of Luxury, as I said in my first analysis of it, is a card with a sting in the tail. Whilst it indicates a great deal of loving affection surrounding us, it also warns that we stand the very real possibility of committing a great sin – that of taking love for granted.

One thing you might have noticed in life is the strange way in which we value the love of people we feel deeply affectionate toward more highly than the love of people we are less attracted to. From my perspective this is an odd, and rather unkind attitude to have.

It’s natural to want those we love to return our feelings, of course. But just because we do not feel strongly about a person, we may not imagine that the love they offer us is less valuable. If we are careless of their feelings, we will hurt them just as thoroughly as if we were careless of the feelings of our beloved – or they of ours. And there is no justification for such behavior.

Love is a mighty and precious emotion. It both creates and destroys with ease. That some-one loves us is a priceless gift from the Universe. Whether we necessarily reciprocate in quite the same way is totally irrelevant. This person’s love exists in isolation of our judgement of its importance.

So on a day ruled by the Lord of Luxury, count the loving feelings that people hold for you. Treasure each and every one of these as the inestimable compliment and treasure it is. Do not stand in judgement. Rather, take a harder look at the people who offer you love, where you may not have sought it. And adjust your view of that love until you respect its worth, even though you may not return it.

Drive: Emotional richness, stability of feelings, love without risk

Light: Maternity, protection

Shadow: Possessive ‘love’, restriction of others in order to satisfy one’s self, or just for wrong intentions

Keywords: Moon in Cancer, love, tenderness, emotional richness, care

Advice: You get a lot of love and dedication lately. Enjoy it, but without becoming addicted to it.

Questions: Do you have a relationship where you feel limited? Do you show adoration for someone?

Suggestion: After you have answered the above questions in a self-critical way, pull another card that will show you how to handle the situation.

Revelation: I enjoy being together, full of gratitude and joy.


Affirmation: I see love around me and celebrate its presence.