Embracing Material and Spiritual Power

The Four of Disks, also known as the ‘Power’ card in tarot, serves as a complex symbol of success and the double-edged sword of material wealth. It stands as a testament to the fruits of hard work and dedication, rewarding us with a sense of security and accomplishment in the physical realm. Yet, with its representation of Sun in Capricorn, it nudges us towards a domination of spirit over material, urging an openness to the intangible gifts of life.

This card is the embodiment of stability and productivity, shining light on our ability to achieve rank and secure wealth. However, it also casts a shadow, warning against the fear of loss and the potential greed that can ensnare the soul. In its reversed state, the Four of Disks sends a potent reminder of the impermanence of financial stability and the pitfalls of material obsession.

As we delve into the ‘Lord of Power,’ we’re invited to ponder the dualities of our existence. Are we building fortresses of stability or prisons of possession? The card advises a reassessment of values, hinting that true power may lie in the strength of character and the integrity with which we approach our abundance.

In honor of Earth’s generosity, the card suggests actionable gratitude, encouraging us to nourish the planet as she nourishes us. This reciprocal relationship with Earth is a cornerstone of the card’s message — our prosperity is interwoven with the well-being of the world around us.

On this day, let the Four of Disks guide you to a reflection on the different aspects of power. It stands as a beacon for those seeking to balance their material gains with spiritual growth, a challenge to harmonize earthly wealth with the riches of the soul. Let us not forget the advice it imparts: to align our rules and principles with the ebbs and flows of life and the impulses of our hearts.

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“The true measure of wealth is not counted in coins, but in the harmony of our relationship with the world we inhabit.” — James Van Praagh

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