THE EIGHT OF WANDS – Speed – Progressions
Astrology: Mercury in the 1. decan of Sagittarius

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Eight of Wands – Swiftness

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Drive: Excessive force applied to suddenly, very rapid rush, violent but not lasting

Light: Progression, ideas, creativity, motion, changes, development

Shadow: Rashness, thoughtlessness, rapacious, insolent, jealousy

Keywords: Mercury in Sagittarius, clear, direct, fast communication, clearing up misunderstanding

Advice: The time has come for you to determine where you stand. If you are open and continue to focus, misunderstandings will clear up.

Question: Is there someone you dare not say openly where you stand?

Suggestion: Take this opportunity to open up more to the people who mean something to you.  Talk to them or write them a letter.

Revelation: My openness and self-confidence opens the hearts of those I love.


Affirmation: Challenges and obstacles are achievements waiting to happen.