Eight of Swords (Interference) with Moon in Libra October 23

Moon in Libra: Libra is the sign of partnership and relationships, so when the Moon is in this sign, it’s a wonderful time to turn your mind to matters romantic. And also to business matters involving partnerships. Are you giving and taking in equal amounts? Do you need to make your move on someone you have your eye on? https://thothreadings.com/moon-in-libra/

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Eight of Swords – Interference: Eight of Swords reveal the nature of the suit regarding its tendency of analyzing and considering everything, digging out a counter-argument for any argument there is, quickly recognizing any limitation and conclusion that in the end means the interference in the own reasoning. Only blessing stupidity can be self-secure enough to believe that the own thought is the only truth and the Swords cannot. https://thothreadings.com/eight-of-swords-interference/

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Are Things Real? Unraveling the Mind-Bending Truth About Perception and Reality

Ever wondered if the world around you is really “real”? Like, truly real, outside of your own head? That’s a deep question, and one that philosopher Bentinho explores in a pretty mind-blowing way. He suggests that everything we experience, from the leaves on a tree to the smell of fresh air, isn’t actually an “object” out there, but rather a collection of our own perceptions.

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