Eight of Swords – Interference

THE EIGHT OF SWORDS – Intervention – Saturn 4th House – Obstruction
Astrology: Jupiter in the 1st decan of Gemini

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Eight of Swords – Interference

With the Eight of Swords, you are in intellect and logic, and one should think how happy the Swords must be now that they are with friends.   While the Swords are the freedom of mind; conflicts are pre-programmed.

Further, the Eight of Swords reveal the nature of the suit regarding its tendency of analyzing and considering everything, digging out a counter-argument for any argument there is, quickly recognizing any limitation and conclusion that in the end means the interference in the own reasoning. Only blessing stupidity can be self-secure enough to believe that the own thought is the only truth and the Swords cannot.

In another aspect, the Eight of Swords can talk of the restlessness of mind, of thoughts bursting out uncontrolled and unproductive, of nervous brooding and confused rumination.

A day which is ruled by the Lord of Interference is bound to present some difficulties. However, as with all Tarot cards, the 8 of Swords carries with it the means of dealing with any obstacles or problems which appear.

The first thing to recognize is that anybody’s life has the occasional bump – we would never get anywhere if it did not. Bumps can be caused by all kinds of different things – people, our own attitudes, astrological influences…the possibilities for interference are boundless.

Make sure you’re not going around in circles attempting to make a decision through a sense of duty or guilt. That often causes problems when this card is around.

Finally keep your eyes open for anyone else who may be deliberately stepping in your path. Often when somebody interferes, merely recognizing what they are doing robs their actions of any power over us.

Drive: Restlessness of mind, endless analyzing

Light: Realization of causality, accepting of limitation and relativity

Shadow: Confusion, aimless pondering, compulsive brooding

Reversed: The Eight of Swords reversed also suggests that you are more prone to negative self-talk and suffering at the hands of your inner critic. You feel trapped because every time you try to do something, your inner critic tells you why it’s wrong or not good enough, so you give up trying altogether.

Keywords: Jupiter in Gemini, problems with endurance, suffering from tearing, decision making difficulties

Advice: Leave it for a while, let things go their own way. As long as you have doubts about these decisions, do not engage in anything new! Jupiter is a messenger of an unexpected change in the right direction. The seemingly insoluble problem now offers its own solution.

Question: What alternatives are you tensioning with now?

Suggestion: Relax and let it happen. 

Revelation: I relax and trust in Life.


Affirmation: I skilfully direct my energies into the things that will make most difference.