The Universe

The World (Universe) card shows the newly found unit, the experience of profound harmony and the joyful completion of a development process.
Planet: Saturn
Element: Earth
Number: 21 as the symbol of the whole, 3 x 7, the cross sum is the 3

About :

XXI – The Universe

The Universe as the end and completion of the Major Arcana is the symbol for the zenith of development – the achieved goal. The work is done or will soon be and we have found our place in life or will soon do so.

Seeing the second decade of the Major Arcana as a way of self-realization, the Universe becomes the crown and the end. The Death was the rebirth, the Art the beginning of the alchemic work, the Devil the overcoming of restrictions, the Tower the breakdown of the jail. We followed the Star, explored the Moon, found the Sun and watched the Phoenix rise from the ashes. Finally, we touched the Universe.

On a more practical level the Universe implies the good news that a goal has been achieved, or a success sure to come, and that a venture will florish.

In its negative aspect the trump can tell us that we are running after false ideas, that our way leads nowhere, that it is far too early to reach out for the Universe for there’s substantial work that has yet to be done.

Drive: Entirety and competition, harmony between spirit and body

Light: Being home in one’s self, inner independence, the ‘mental paradise’

Shadow: False visions, being on a street to nowhere

Keywords: Saturn, completion, cosmic union, liberation from bondage, closure of karma

Advice: It is now possible to see things as they really are. The color is right for a fresh start or a favorable finish. The events of your life are in harmony with the universe.

Questions: Which aspects of your life are those that are time to get rid of? Is there any travel or business that would start this?

Suggestion: Trust Your Perceptions! Make a list of any unfinished situations that you can solve.

Revelation: I am one with the Universe!


Affirmation: I am a Child of the Universe