The Sun

The Sun card is the embodiment of great joy of life, vitality, warmth and confidence.

Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Number: 19 as a higher level of 9, the cross sum is 10 (> Wheel of Fortune > The Magician)

About :

XIX – The Sun

The Sun is the symbol of life and light, for the power that always is generously given without reducing itself.

The Sun will shine and give light to the earth to make all life possible. So the Sun stands for vitality and optimism, the blossoming of our nature, and is a sign that we have overcome the time of darkness and are ready to enjoy the light.

But the Sun also has its negative aspects. Never forget that without the depth of water, the sun will create a desert.

The Sun connects you to your power base – not fear-driven, egotistical power, but the abundant, inner energy radiating through you right now. You’ll sense it in your Solar Plexus chakra, calling you to express yourself authentically and be fully present in the world around you. You have what others want and are being asked to radiate your energy and your gifts out into the world in a big way. Tap into your power and use your Divine will to express that power in positive ways.

Drive: Aiming at the light, living for generous, unconditional principles

Light: Vitality, generosity, warmth, self-confidence

Shadow: Self-complacency, dazzling, promising much and doing nothing

Reversed: The Sun Reversed can mean you are struggling to see the bright side of life. You may have experienced setbacks that damaged your enthusiasm and optimism and perhaps led you to question whether you can achieve what you set out to do. You may feel depressed or left out and are no longer enjoying what you are doing. Your direction and path ahead may appear clouded or distorted.

Keywords: Sun, High Level Creative Energy, Awareness, Fulfilled Love Relationship, Wisdom, Spirituality, Transformation, Spirituality

Advice: Your wishes can be fulfilled here and now. Relax and give yourself a dance. True companions find each other.

Question: What kind of task or plan is waiting for implementation?

Suggestion: Visualize the light and warmth of the sun in your chest and heart. Remind yourself several times a day for the next few days that the sun is shining through and through you.

Revelation: I am in harmony with the divine Light that fills and guides me.


Affirmation: My inner Sun shines bright, surrounding me with light (That rhymes!!).