The Adjustment Card covers several topics. It symbolizes clear, objective recognition, conscious and determined judgment, impartiality, balance and honesty, indicating that we can enforce our rights.
Zodiac: Libra
Element: Air
Number: 8 as the number of justice and adjustment (2 x 4, 2 x 2 etc.)

About :

VIII – Adjustment

The Adjustment is a symbol for the balance of contrasts, complementing one another and also building up room and time. She combines the High Priestess and the Magician. Both are connected as true, conscious action results from realization, wisdom is based on action.  The principle of activity completes itself with the passivity of inner reflection, the adjustment being the balance in between.

Another common name of this trump is ‘Justice’ – the card tells one to be righteous in all aspects of our life, to ignore, suppress or prefer none if need be.  Only when we have an objective view of all and accept them, can we can find inner balance and silence.

Therefore, the Adjustment stands for uncompromising honesty and objectivity, the realization of cause and effect, background and consequence.

It wasn’t Crowley who reversed Trumps VIII and XI (Justice and Strength). If you look at old historical decks, the Justice has been the 8 ever since.

Drive: Will for knowledge, harmony between reality and instinct, objectivity

Light: Balance, justice, fairness, always looking at both sides

Shadow: Self-righteousness

Keywords: Balance sheet, balance, focus, balance, balance of contradictions, truth

Advice: Notice the places in your daily life that tend to knock you out of your balance.  Discover the circumstances in which you can find your harmony again.  Carry this quality more and more as you do your daily activities.

Question: Who helps you reach your meditation center and stay there? What happens if you lose your focus?

Suggestion: Regularly devote time to some form of meditation that focuses you. Breath in the Heart Center (one palm above your navel) and gather your energy here.

Revelation: I am at peace with my own focus.


Affirmation: I move towards balance and harmony.