Two of Swords – Peace

THE TWO OF SWORDS – PEACE – Moon – Gemini – Doubt
Astrology: Moon in the 1. decan of Libra

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Two of Swords – Peace

The Two of Swords are representing the beginning of analysis, putting the pure, undirected ideas of the Ace underneath separation and differentiation, to bring them towards a specific form and end.

Creation and manifestation, showing the element in its best light, and so the mind gets its best chance to indicate its powers without showing its shadows. For the Swords, this means peace, since the mind is on its finest level when just administering its potentials.

The Lord of Peace is a card which advises us to climb to the high ground in order to get a perspective, particularly on any emotional difficulties that we might have. Sometimes, a conflict bogs us down so badly in our reactions that we find it difficult to achieve an objective view. Instead we wallow about, knee deep in hurt feelings and negativity, never able to get an overview.

Yet if we can just move our position a little, see the center of the conflict, often we perceive the whole situation more clearly. And once we manage that, a way through the tangle becomes apparent. When we can see that pathway we know what we need to do, and it’s easy to see what’s really important and what is rubbish that we collected along the way.

So on a day ruled by the 2 of Swords, if there are any issues about which you feel emotionally sore and unhappy, make a deliberate and conscious effort to get to the high ground, above the situation.

If you have no pressing emotional hurts right now, pick a matter that causes you concern more randomly – a long-running confusion, maybe, or something which you wish could have been resolved in the past. Use the same process of climbing above it with the intention of finding another way of looking at it, which is more comfortable for you than the one you now have.

Drive: Peace, arrangement of differences, a good compromise between soul and mind

Light: Beginning of analysis, balanced force, contradictory characteristics in the same nature

Shadow: Difference, disagreement, opposites calmed down by cold logic only, unsolved tensions

Keywords: Moon in Libra, inner peace, decision-making, decisions on relationships or situations that result in peace.

Advice: Inner peace is a special donation. Watch out for it, but never try to cling to it too much.

Question: Which areas of your life are of particular interest to you? Now you can make the right decisions.

Suggestion: Take time to relax deeply. You’re in a good position to examine your past, your present, and your future. Write down your insights.

Revelation: My heart is filled with deep peace.


Affirmation: Conflict resolves into tranquillity