Princess of Swords

THE PAGE OF SWORDS – (Knave / Princess of Swords) – Mars 3rd House; Mars – Mercury – Debate
Astrology: Venus in the Air signs
Element and world: The Earth in the Airs

About :

Princess of Swords

When The Princess of Swords shows up in a Tarot reading, you are bursting with new ideas and plans for the future. You may be excited about starting a new project, pursuing a new approach or learning something new. You have so much energy that you feel as though you could do almost anything – and you can! The challenge, however, is whether you can keep it up. As with all Pages, the beginning always looks promising, but you need something else to follow through and keep up the pace.

The Princess of Swords logic can be destructive, she is perceptive, serious and rigorous, yet she can show the characteristics of a child that lacks morality and nobility.

Therefore, the Princess of Swords can get stubborn and cruel, and while beginning to think independently about something, she can turn very discriminating and egoistic, showing aggressivity whenever the result is not to her delight. In the Earth, all the free qualities of Air get suppressed and restricted.

At her best, the Princess of Swords can be very practical and clever, showing fine skills when dealing with material matters or conflicting opinions, she can be generous and kind once she lost the inner fear and insecurity that results from the natural incompatibility between Earth and Air.

When this Princess rules the day expect to come into contact with demanding or unfair situations. Use the clarity and insight offered by the card to cut away unnecessary rubbish, get behind the smoke-screens and see right to the heart of any situation that crosses your path.

It is important to refuse to tolerate injustice or ill-treatment, but when you deal with situations such as this, be sure that your own responses and behavior are moral and above board, otherwise you’ll find the Princess’s sword turning on you.

Swords in general tend to suffer quite a bit of bad press, but this is based on a misunderstanding of the inner Arcana ruling here – Swords are about living life to the full, and appreciating its gifts…so long as you’re doing your honest best, given the situation you are in at the time, you will not provoke the wrath of Swords in your life. It is when you fail to live up to your standards, fail to treat others with the love and respect they deserve, that you come into contact with so-called ‘bad’ Swords.

Drive: Impulsive, curiosity, thirst for knowledge

Light: Careful, courageous, serious

Shadow: Malicious, cruel, spiteful, wasteful, failure to recognize facts, aggression, destruction

Reversed:  The Princess of Swords can also suggest you are acting hastily, without thinking things through. You have a lot of energy behind you but are not using it effectively. Tackle things one at a time rather than trying to manage everything at once. Doing so will lead to more meaningful outcomes.

Keywords: earthly aspect of the air, bringing clouds to light, victory over your mood, rebellion

Advice: Your thoughts and insights can sometimes break down “holy” altars. Do not allow yourself to be buried by rising debris. Don’t let your moods rule you. Stay true to your true ideals.

Questions: What old altars are present in your environment, in your life? Do you have the courage to destroy these?

Suggestion: Look inside yourself to see if your rebellion is rooted in love.

Revelation: My rebellion is positive, constructive and creative.


Affirmation: Ethical Will is the Will of the Universe.