THE NINE OF WANDS – Power – Saturn – Venus – Reluctance
Astrology: Moon in the 2. decan of Sagittarius

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Nine of Wands – Strength

Now the fiery Wands have reached the happy Nine, the number that reflects on itself, and imagination.

The Nine of Wands remembers the own qualities, showing the full powers of the fiery element rising again. So the card shows strength, determination and discipline, preparing itself for the final step to completion.

The shadow site of the card implies a warning – that we should use our spiritual consciousness to concentrate on our inner strength and master our will, and make it effective in the world we live in.

The Lord of Strength relates to our own inner strength and power. When he comes up, we need to allow ourselves to be reminded of our personal wealth of experience, knowledge and talents.  This is something that we rarely take time out to assess and consider.  Yet since we are constantly adding to it, it is something we should sum up as often as our bank accounts.

When we get a clear view of our own strengths, we gather to us a new sense of self-confidence, holding ourselves in high esteem, and treating ourselves as good and trusted friends. This fundamental acceptance of ourselves is essential to allow us a long-term feeling of well-being and optimism.

So on a day ruled by the Lord of Strength, we must count our personal strengths. This obviously raises a simple question.  How do you know what is strong?

The quickest way to identify strengths is to look at the hardest experiences of your life, and assess how you feel you handled them. If you maintain a non-judgmental and objective perspective upon your actions, then you’ll see that, over the years, you have learned to deal with trials and tribulations increasingly efficiently.  Every single time you pass through a trying experience, you will have gathered more understanding about how to approach difficulties and resolve them.

Your mistakes have special messages for you. To be able to admit you could have dealt with a situation better is, if you allow it to be, one of the most useful revelations of your life. Rather than feeling bad about your actions, allow yourself to consider what would have improved the outcome. Once you have done this, you’ll store that away as new knowledge … and next time a similar situation occurs you’ll remember, and act accordingly. Never be afraid of assessing your mistakes.  There’s one very big thing to be said for them – they are all yours!!!! And they can be teachers if you let them be.

Drive: Spiritual truth, realization

Light: Combination of the consciousness with the unconsciousness, great success but with strife and energy, victory preceded by apprehension and fear

Shadow: Conflicts, Contradictions

Keywords: Sun in Sagittarius, power, perfection from the combination of conscious and unconscious energies

Advice: You are on the path where you discover your true strength. Trust your inner leader! Perhaps you would like to participate in groups that can help you develop and develop your potential.

Questions: Do you feel some fear about your own strength? In which areas of your life does this fear come to light?

Suggestion: Listen to your dreams, what are you dreaming about lately!

Revelation: I know more and more who I am. This realization leads to the full development of my potential strength.


Affirmation: I acknowledge and grow into my strength.